Back again.

Here I am again.  Not a lot has happened since last time…except that I have started painting a bedside table to be used in the lounge area of our small house.  Son in law Craig teaches at a boys college and at the end of the year a skip was set up at school and the woodwork projects that the boys didn’t want to keep were chucked in for disposal.  Never one to let an opportunity pass, Craig asked if he could take a few of the things to use…and the table is one of them.  I will put a photo of it when it is finished…and when I work out how to do it!

i am an avid op shopper.  I work in one once a week that supports the local hospice…and I visit many in search of a bargain!  My latest purchases have been picture frames…one is lime green plastic but the rest are wooden.  I’ve wanted a blackboard to hang in my kitchen so I bought a piece of blackboard fabric to use in the lime green frame…and there is plenty left over to make more, so I must find some other frames that are suitable and make some to sell.  They are soooo expensive to buy in the shops!  I must tell you that the vast majority of my clothes also come from the op shop.  I just detest clothes shopping.  I often say that I’m not a real girl because of that fact, along with not wearing make up or dyeing my hair.  I’d much rather dye fabric!  Op shopping means I have limited choice…and I often find something that I really like.  It saves loads of money too.  Along with the picture frames I also bought jars to put the pickle I want to make into, a German rum pot for fun, a wooden tray with a cup of latte on it which will be hung on the wall as a picture and a glass jar to fill with jelly beans because I love colour.  No doubt the grand boys will love that…

I’m going to try putting up photos of my craft shed.  If they appear after this you’ll know I’ve been successful and if they don’t it will be obvious that I’ve still got a lot to learn!

The sewing tables.


My pin board. A complete shambles to most but it makes me feel happy.


The work table in the middle of the room. Usually has a cat or two sleeping on it!

My desk.

My desk.


My small ironing board atop shelves full of paints and inks and other delectables. If you look to the right you will see the beginnings of the mayhem in a wee alcove. There will not be a picture of the alcove!


Here is the cutting table. Underneath it are boxes of fabric and a stack of cushion inners bought on special a few months ago. They will get used…I promise.

Yay!  Now I can show you a boat I made after looking at Ann Woods’ site.  She makes incredible works and I just had to try one.  Craig has helped me design a pattern for a bigger boat that has a flat base so as soon as that one is finished I will show that off too!  image

well folks that’s it for today.  I am still in my dressing gown and it’s time to get the day under way.  Have a good one and I’ll see you later!


2 thoughts on “Back again.

  1. stephanieredfern

    Brilliant Bonnie, great to see you’ve got the blog going. Love the images of the craft shed, I’d upgrade it and start to call it a studio. The boat is sweet, a larger one will be fun. Any chance of seeing the animals at some point too?
    We have sun today! Yippee. But very chilly.

    1. Bonnie Post author

      Yay! It worked. Of course I will get some animal photos up. Actually my son in law made me a calendar featuring a pair of plastic ! Pink flamingoes that I bought to put under the plum tree. The family kept hijacking them and putting them in all sorts of unlikely places and there are some awesome photos of some of the animals with them. Thank you for your help by the way.


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