In the beginning…

Well here goes…I am ready to commit myself to something I have thought about long and hard.  Some might say I should have been committed a long time ago but don’t listen to them!  Muttley and I live on what is known as a lifestyle block of about thirteen acres with Poppy and Petal…the donkeys, Field Marshall Harry and Wills, Duke of Cropwell…the kune kune pigs, Vivre…the very lucky goat rescued as a day old kid during a cull about two years ago, Tabitha and Brooke…the two cats that we got from the SPCA eighteen months ago after we lost dear old Butch at nineteen years old and to finish it off (nearly) quite a few chickens that provide the family with eggs. I say nearly because on the same property live one of our daughters, Sarah, her husband Craig and their three boys.  Finn and Jake are fifteen year old twins and Max is twelve.  They have two cats…Yabby and TK who like to check out our food bowls and play with our cats too.  Benji is the rescue Pomeranian that has fairly recently joined the clan and has made himself quite at home with the family, thank you very much!   Sarah thought she was born on horseback and has two horses of her own and provides ten one acre paddocks for rent…so we are surrounded by horses as well.  All in all, a bit of a zoo, and sometimes the combined antics of the people and the animals could be viewed as a bit clown like.  Ooh…I nearly forgot Mr Miaow.  He is a stray that comes to be fed twice a day and is becoming so much more friendly that I was able to treat him for fleas yesterday.  His miaow is not subtle, hence the name.

So there you have it…you know us and I will try to put pictures up of the things I get up to in my shed where I craft.  See you next time,


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